Who Am I

You may be asking yourself, who is this girl and what is this blog all about?


First of all, let me tell you more about myself.

My name is Melanie. My father is Dutch, my mother is Colombian. But as my parents got to know each other in Switzerland, they decided to live here. That means, my little brother and I were born and raised in Switzerland, but with a big mixture of cultures and languages.

I don’t know whether or not it’s the reason that I’ve always wanted to live in every country of the world. I just want to get to know as many cultures and mentalities as possible, I want to live in different countries just for the sake to know what it’s like to live in that specific country. I guess thats why I wanted to do my bachelor’s degree in another country. And why not choose the home country of my dad, to improve my Dutch language skills, but also start an independent life on my own.

As my mother was home most of the time when my brother and I were growing up, we learned to speak Spanish fluently. I also had Spanish classes in school, and I would consider it my second mother tongue. Yes, I really would consider German as my first mother tongue, because I just had to speak, write and read more in German, than I ever did in Spanish. So my vocabulary is greater in German, but I would say Spanish follows just a tad behind it.

But with Dutch, it was completely different. I have to explain it a little further: When my whole family, my dad, my mom, my brother and I, are sitting at the same table, we will talk and discuss everything in Spanish. That’s just our “standard language” in our house. If my brother and I are talking to each other, we speak Swiss German. But if my father talks to me, he will speak only Dutch. I always answer in Dutch and German. I just mix it up a little bit, I don’t know why I started doing that along the way. It was just faster like that. Weird, I know. So I understand everything in Dutch, I can read books in Dutch, I can have discussions in Dutch, but I’m not very fluent and my pronunciation isn’t perfect either. I have always wanted to get better at it, and I guess I will get to do that in Amsterdam.

Wow, this was a long introduction, just explaining how I grew up. Okay, now on to my present self. I am currently 23 years old, living in Switzerland, doing my “Matura” and working at a Restaurant to earn some money (and not be even more broke).

I applied to University in October. As soon as it was possible to do it, they got my application. I really want to get in and I’m doing everything to make it possible. I will talk about the application process in a future blog post, to explain to you everything I had to hand in and what I did to make it a good application. I hope I can help some of you by doing that.

Furthermore, I will tell you all the following steps I will have to do, as soon as I get accepted. There will be the residence change, the registrations, accommodation, health insurance, choosing courses, getting to know every one of my class, settle in in another country and much more!

So this is everything I will be talking about, but there will also be posts about fashion, traveling and much more. Just everything about my life, what I like to do and what it’s like to be a student with a job and a lot of interests.

I hope you stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe if you’d like to get notified whenever I post something.

<3 Create your own happiness <3 – unknown

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