How To Use A Whiteboard To Organize Student Life

whiteboard planning method student organizing organized

Organize your student life with a Witheboard

How to organize your life

I was always procrastinating, pushing every task to the last week, or even to the last day possible. I was at the point, where I even didn’t care that much if my marks were suffering because of that. Even though I still got quite good marks, I could have done so much better, just by organizing my life. I want to help students to organize their student life that includes so many things to think about.

Students have to balance social life, work, school and chores

A lot of people think that students are blessed with long days, doing nothing, going out and partying all the time or maybe just sleeping long hours every day. If you are a student, you know it’s actually the opposite. If you have to work, to earn some money while you study, there is a lot to do and sometimes the hours of a day are just not enough to get everything done. But I got you here. I stopped procrastinating as soon as I started to write down every exam, every chore, every appointment and literally everything. I didn’t work harder but smarter. And this is so important as a student. Otherwise, you will have to put in so much more work and hours, and that’s not what we want, right? I’m here to help. In this post, I will show you how to organize your life a Whiteboard! So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

1 – Write down every exam you’ll have in the semester

First of all, I always like to write down all my exams and deadlines on a sheet of paper. I do this in the right order of the dates. That way I can cross out every point on the list starting from the top and won’t forget anything important.

chronological written down deadline exam syllabus student life school work

every exam and deadline are written down in chronological order

2 – Prepare your Whiteboard

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You can do this step as you would like to do it. I just like doing it this way because it gives me enough space to write down every task. Moreover, I have an overview over the next 8 weeks, what I really like about it. That way I can plan out the process much better because I know which projects can get in the way of another one etc.

2.1 – First of all, if you don’t already have a Whiteboard; Buy one!

Mine has the following size: 24” x 36”. I like to use a completely white one to style it the way I like it.

I searched some Whiteboards on Amazon for you:

This one includes a pen, a pen tray, 3 magnets and an eraser. I think it’s a very good deal for everything you get.

2.2 – Make a grid on your Whiteboard

I then use very thin washi tape, to not take away too much space to write down what I need to.

White pink blue washi tape thin organization life student

I use this thin washi tape to make a grid on my Whiteboard – student life

You can find thin washi tape on Amazon. I found very cute washi tape, that I linked down below. And it’s very inexpensive as well. Check it out.

2.3 – Mesure out your Whiteboard

Now I start measuring out my Whiteboard. I wanted to have 8 weeks on display and of course the seven days of the week from left to right.

Whiteboard grid student life organization edding marker

Measuring out every line

I made points all over the whiteboard, to know where my washi tape would go. That way it’s not going to look as crooked as if you only made two points at each end of the Whiteboard. Believe me, it won’t look as straight, as if you take your time to put some point in between.

2.4 – Cover the points with washi tape

This one is very self-explanatory. I just used one washi tape to make the vertical lines and another one to make the horizontal lines.

student life washi tape organization grid Whiteboard organize student

Horizontal washi tape lines for organizing with a Whiteboard


washi tape organization student life

Vertical lines with another washi tape

2.5 – Write down the dates

whiteboard calendar made at home student life organize how to

Calendar on a Whiteboard to Organize Student Life

2.6 – Fill in all the exam dates, Working days, appointments, workouts

work workout student life exams deadlines whiteboard organize organization

My Calendar of the next months

2.7 – Et voila, never forget any important date anymore

I like that my Whiteboard is hung up on a wall in my room, so every time I enter my room or even when I go to sleep, I have my calendar on display. This way I always know what awaits me in the next week or month.

This has helped a lot with all my deadlines and exams. I always feel prepared. And what’s much better: I never feel guilty or like I’m forgetting something, because I can look at this every day and make sure I’m up to date.

I really hope this has helped you to stay organized. I would totally recommend this method if you’re a student. I have more organization tips, that I will post very soon.




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  • Jasmine Hunt

    Omg I wish I had your blog when I was in school maybe things would have been easier! Loved this help tip!! I’ll be using this idea for my blog and biz!

    Jasmine 🙂