Why Studying After A Gap Year Can Make You Benefit More

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Why studying after a gap year can make you benefit more

In this blog post, I will tell you 8 reasons, why studying after a gap year can make you benefit more.

It’s interesting, how a lot of people ask me, why I’m studying now – I started when I was 20, after enjoying two gap years – and why I didn’t do it right away. It concerns a lot of people, that I will start working a lot later. Not only that, as a woman, I am supposed to study at a young age to finish my studies as soon as possible. That way I will have enough time to work, earn money, find myself a husband, marry and get pregnant.

If you have that opinion, it’s totally fine. You do you.

But if you, like me, don’t understand that generalization, then you might be asking yourself: Why is this still a thing?

I am here to tell you that each and every one of us should do whatever we want to. Whether you want to earn a little bit of money before starting your academic career or just travel the world (or whatever other reason this study break might have), just do it. Do what your heart seeks. I will tell you 7 reasons, why studying after a gap year can make you benefit more.

1) You will have savings

– at least if you decided to work in your gap year(s) – this will be a huge advantage as you don’t have to force yourself to work plenty of hours per week. Even if it’s not much that you put aside, it’s still a nice feeling to know that there is SOMETHING to support you if you lose your student job or if you temporarily can’t work that many hours because of a bigger workload.

2) Better marks as a result of having more experience

You will have a lot more experience, just because you’re older. Trust me, this made a huge difference for me. Whenever there’s an essay, where you have to deduct different opinions or whenever you have to make connections in your exam, you will have a lot more to talk about, because you’ve read more books and you’ve dealt more with a specific subject or problem. Studying after a gap year, in which you’ve really tried to improve your knowledge, might be valuable.

3) You can apply what you learn to your job and vice versa

If you worked in your gap year, to earn some money before starting your studies, then you might have learned a lot during that time. There’s a high chance that you may continue working there, while you start your studies. So if for example you’re working in a Biology Laboratory and studying Biology, you will double the benefit. You will find a lot of parallels and enrich your knowledge in either one of them. Exactly the same happens for students that are studying Economics and are working in an office. They will immediately learn more and maybe even improve grades or salary.

This can work for almost any study choice.

4) You will be a lot more motivated to perform well

As you aren’t doing it for anyone but you, you will be much more motivated. You will sometimes go that extra mile and get more information because it’s just an interesting topic for you. It was your decision to study and get a good degree, therefore you will enjoy this journey.

5) Your classmates have a similar mindset

Moreover, you will find new friends, that have similar goals for their life. You will connect a lot easier and this will result in an even bigger motivation for Uni. You will have so many topics to talk about and they will be in-depth and educational because all of you bring in their own life experience.

6) Another perspective of the world

Every day you adapt and learn from your surroundings. As you’ve had a gap year, you had more time to build an own opinion on different topics. It gets even better when you talk with classmates or professors because each opinion that you hear will form yours as well. That doesn’t mean you always have to change yours, but you will be in a constant development. Being able to distinguish which opinions are good and bad, is something you learn with time and experience. So again, your higher age will result in gaining perspective.

(One of my favorite quotes is: It’s you against you every day. Make sure the right you wins. – Jason Shurgot)

7) Improved communication skills to express yourself better

Your communications skills will improve with time as well. If you use your gap year to go abroad, you might even learn a new language, mentality, and culture. This will emerge in a whole new understanding of people, but also improvement of your language and communication skills.

8) You may find your ideal study program

A lot of people decide to start studying after a gap year because they’ve found a new interest. I can name around 10 people I know that started studying, even though they didn’t know exactly what they wanted to become. A lot of students will try to figure that out while they’re studying.

But if you found your love and interest for something really specific in your gap year, you will find your ideal study program more easily. Your study experience will be much more pleasant, having your goal in mind and working towards it.

Studying after a gap year is pretty beneficial

I can’t think of any negative aspects. If you want to read about experiences from others, check this website: http://www.yearoutgroup.org. I really enjoy reading them.



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  • Rachael

    All great reasons! I started my PhD aged 42 and I have so much experience to bring to my studies! You have plenty of time for everything else 🙂

    • Melanie D

      Exactly. Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s much appreciated 🙂