I GOT ACCEPTED into Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Today I want to update you on my life and my study abroad journey. It is now definitely going to start in August 2017 because I got an email that I got accepted. I am SO beyond happy and I really can’t wait!

Right now I have finals and therefore need to study a lot. I should do so many things in terms of preparation, but I can’t quite figure out how to do it besides all my studying and working. Work is also taking up a lot of time because I want to save as much money as I can. You earn a lot more in Switzerland than in the Netherlands, that is why I need to use my spare time to work.

So my current situation is:

I got accepted into Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I AM SO HAPPY! Last week I got to fill in a form that showed all the different accommodations for students. I then got to decide which one I wanted to take but also had to give them a second and a third option, if they couldn’t provide me with my first choice. I also got to choose the rental period. That was very exciting as well because it is all getting quite serious now.


  • cancel all my contracts
  • Write inquiry to maintain my residence permit in Switzerland (because I don’t have the Swiss passport I need to do that; more about it in an upcoming blog post)
  • Find a good health insurance
  • find a good bank (maybe with student discounts?)
  • Pack up my whole room and decide what I want to take
  • Get a bike (because; Amsterdam :))
  • Make a list of all the furniture, home decor and other things I need to buy
  • Start looking for jobs and writing the applications
  • and more stuff I have to figure out…

I want to use this blog to write down my journey, my emotions, my to-do lists, my fears, and my achievements. Thus, when I want to remember things, I will just have to go back to my blog and read it. I think I will really appreciate that and maybe some of you will enjoy this random “diary” as well! I would love to get in contact with some of you. Maybe you are planning to do the same thing in a year, perhaps you are experiencing exactly the same. Let me know, let’s get to know each other!



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