5 Ways To Organize Your Life As A Student

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5 ways to organize your life as a busy person student, mom or girlboss

5 ways to organize your life

I was desperately searching ways on how to organize my life as I have so many things to do. As I’m a student, I have to write down all my exams, my deadlines, my schedule, my contact hours etc. But I’m also working part-time and my working days are not fixed, so they change each week. I can’t forget any of these dates or I’ll lose my job. Furthermore, I have a social life, like most of us do ;-). I need to keep on track when I’ll be meeting who and how I schedule my workload around those dates. And there is even more: doctors appointments, dentist, hobbies and this list goes on and on. Clearly, I had to find a good technique to be on top of all those things. I had to start planning. I will show you 5 ways to organize your life as a busy person.

Google Calendar (or any online Calendar)

This might be a quite obvious one, but I still wanted to mention it.

I don’t put in all the tasks I want to do for the day, as I’m more of a paper-calendar-girl, just the most important appointments. My exams and deadlines are not on my phone, so whenever there’s a new appointment, I will add that to my phone and tell the person that I’ll confirm it that evening, as soon as I checked everything that needs to be done that week. I have found that it’s the best way to a) make sure you don’t forget the appointment you just got told about and b) to not overpack you weeks with appointments even though you have a lot to do in Uni.

I like Google Calendar as it’s really easy to use, and it lets me use different colors, which I like because I’m a very visual person. It’s free and it just takes some seconds to register, log in and start planning your month.


I love cute Planners, and I could buy all of them. Believe me, I’m obsessed. lol

But as I am a student and don’t have a whole lot of money to spend – otherwise I would have bought an Erin Condren LifePlanner (insert smiley with heart eyes here) – I searched a cute Planner on Etsy. I came across a really big one with enough space to write down all the little tasks of the day. But as it’s really big, I like to keep it at home. Still, it carries a lot more dates than my Google Calendar. It has all my exams, deadlines, work day etc. in it. I like to look at it every morning and every evening.

I got to personalize it and it cost me 20 pounds. That’s a really great deal! This post is not sponsored, I am just talking about a good experience, and maybe it will help you to find your perfect planner as well.

The Etsy-user name of this girl is SimplyNotebooks. Check her out, she has extremely cute notebooks, planners, and notepads on her site!

SimplyNotebooks Agenda Planner Student organize life

Planner Etsy SimplyNotebooks Cute Stationary life student organize

Planner Etsy SimplyNotebooks Cute Stationary life student organize

organize life 5 way how to monthly goals etsy simplynotebooks

As you can see, I have a section where I can write down all my goals for the month. This is an amazing way to make sure you try your best every day to get closer to your goal.

In the weekly spreads, I get a lot of room and even bullet points, to list all my tasks for the day. Weekly notes come in handy as well, to make certain, I don’t forget anything.

Bullet Journal

( I use affiliate links in this blog post. All opinions are my own. )

This one has changed my life since January.

I started out with a lined A5 Moleskine. Next year I want to get the dotted or blank one. It’s just easier to plan out your page and draw or doodle etc. There’s one from Leuchtturm, that was done to use as a Bullet Journal. I’m really forcing myself to not buy it. But if you don’t have any Bullet Journal yet, I would really recommend you getting this one.

I will do a separate post about how I use my Bullet Journal. But if you don’t know how to use it yet, go to Pinterest or Youtube and write down how to use a bullet journal. It will give you a lot of ideas, and you will fall in love with it!

In fact, I don’t go a day without checking it. I use it to make monthly spreads (for exams, deadlines, working days, workout, appointments, birthdays). A weekly spread follows the monthly one, where I get more into detail. And as if it wasn’t enough, I also make a daily spread. I will use bullet points to write down all the important tasks and not so important tasks. One evening before, I will sit down and list all the tasks from start Spanish essay, study 2 hours for maths, read book XYZ,Β clean my room, get ready, wash bedsheets,Β  ….

These are just some examples. But I really use it to write down everything. This has helped me soo much with staying organized and actually finishing things. I don’t procrastinate anymore, as I see the list and want to cross out as much as I can. It’s such an amazing feeling to look at your list at night, and see, how productive you were. I would really recommend this method to you because it’s a life changer! If you have any questions or don’t know how to start, please feel totally free to contact me. In all honesty, I would be more than happy to help!


My whiteboard has been in use ever since I got it. I love to have all my appointments on display in my room. I wake up and I can check my whiteboard first, to see what I have planned for this day or week. It’s a must have for a student, because it just helps a lot in don’t feel stressed all the time. You don’t have to worry to forget anything as you have a good overview of your workload. Indeed, I made a whole post about how I set it up and how I use it to organize my busy student life. Click here if you’d like to check it out!

Weekly spreads – Printable

If you are a control-freak as me, you will love totally this! I use Weekly spreads to put it in front of my desk, as I have every hour planned beforehand. This way I know where I have some spare time and I also know, how long I’ll be working that day.

I have set up one for myself, as I didn’t like the most printables I could find online. Look at it, isn’t it cute?



my week printable instagram organize

I use different colored pens and markers to make it look pretty and to have a good overview of how much I do for school, social life or work. This way I can keep a good balance of everything.

If you want to get this printable yourself, please click on the button below. You will then subscribe for free and get a cute printable to organize your life and become more productive. I would love to have you on board!

These were my 5 ways on how to organize your student life

I hope you liked it and that you can use any of these tips to get better at planning and scheduling out everything. I would love to hear your opinion on it! Please let me know! Tell me, what do you like to stay organized? Do you have another option or do you use the same as I do?

Hope to get in contact with you πŸ™‚





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  • Kim van der Sluis

    I love your personalized planneer! πŸ™‚ I actually also use a lot of these tips! I would also love to use a white board but I also study in the living room so I can’t have too much stuff like that in here. I really hope to have a bigger home someday where I can have like a little office space πŸ˜€

    • Melanie D

      Thank you so much for commenting πŸ™‚
      Yes, I know, a Whiteboard needs quite a bit of space, but you can also lean it agains a wall or something. Oh yes, I would also love to have a house with a little office space, that must be a lot of fun πŸ™‚