3 quick tips to shorten your study sessions

3 quick tips to shorten your study session

Study sessions. Sometimes they are very effective and other times we feel like we are not accomplishing as much as we could. I want to share my 3 quick tips that are really easy to do and truly shorten your study sessions! – and who doesn’t want that, right?

1 – Read about the topics before each class

Everyone has heard quite a lot about this tip. Mostly we feel too lazy to try it because we have so much more to do. Trust me, I have been there too. But, it certainly is a big help in the end. It helps you to get a good grasp of the basics. Therefore, you will find it much easier to study before the exams because you already have a good understanding of the topic. If you feel like you don’t know how to apply this tip; just don’t make it too difficult for you, otherwise, you won’t do it. Try to make it a daily habit. Print out the material in the evening and take the pages to bed. Now try to read as much as you can before you fall asleep. In doing so, you get ahead of your studies and your brain will process the new information at night. Double win!

2 – Rewrite your notes

This is such an easy tip but makes a big difference. You just have to get used to it as well. I like to have a big notebook for my classes. I write really fast and therefore my notes get really messy. But if you are a visual learner, like I am, it is best to go home, pick up the cute notebook you like and rewrite the notes you took in class. In the process of doing that you sort out the thoughts and the important information. Your brain will retain everything much easier that you’ve revised within 24 hours. Furthermore, you will have good summaries and cute notes to look at when studying. This will motivate you even more.

3 – Do your homework

This tip goes hand in hand with number 2. Rewriting your notes and doing your homework right after school is the best thing you can do to make the most out of your study sessions. They won’t take as long as you’re used to if you prepared the material beforehand by following all of these steps. Not only will you understand the topic better, you will not have to stress about getting everything done some days before the exam. Moreover, if you take the whole semester to understand and memorize the materials, you won’t forget it. It will stay in your long-term memory.

Now, who said it was difficult to improve your grades and shorten your study sessions?

By combining the three tips you will definitely make the most out of your study sessions because you won’t have to worry about writing a summary or studying the topics from scratch. As I  said, make it a daily habit and you will thank yourself later.



3 tips to shorten your study sessions

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